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zoetis trailer promo


 Allflex WIN an LPR




CRT WIN a $10,000 Horse Float

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2018 QLD Equine Flyer


 Bayer Year of the Grower

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Want to WIN a Polaris RANGER ATV Ranger Farm Buggy worth $16,500?

Bayer Crop Science is giving away 10 of these Farm Buggies during their Year of the Farmer promo.

What is Year of the Grower?

Bayer is supporting growers across Australia with the Year of the Grower promotion (12th March 2018 – 7th March 2019).

The promotion gives every Broadacre and Horticulture growers across the country the chance to win 1 of 10 Polaris Rangers by purchasing selected Bayer CropScience products. There are two draws (18th Sept 2018 & 11th March 2019) and two winners guaranteed across each of the five designated regions, based on growers’ postcode and crop selection. Are you in?

Simply drop into your local Farmcraft CRT Rural Stores and purchase an eligible Bayer Crop Science product. Every $100 spent will receive an entry into the draw!!




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