Dolly's Dream Cattle Tag

Dolly's Dream Cattle Tag

Dolly's Dream Cattle Tag

Farmcraft has been committed to raising awareness for Dolly's Dream. All the profits of the sold tags are donated to Dolly's Dream in order to raise awareness and educate.

$1.00 postage charge is included in the price of these tags.
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Dolly?s Dream was set up in memory of Amy ?Dolly? Everett, aged 14, who took her own life after an extended period of bullying and cyberbullying. Dolly left behind her parents Tick and Kate and her sister Meg, who are now focused on using the money that has been kindly donated by the community to help prevent other families from going through the same devastating experience.

Our Mission

-To empower and educate our community to prevent bullying and cyberbullying.

Our Vision

-Dolly?s Dream will act as a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves and create change by:

-Raising awareness about the seriousness of bullying and its devastating effects
-Working to address bullying and cyber bullying issues in regional Australia
-Delivering advice on mitigation to schools
-Changing culture to help prevent bullying from happening