Help improve production & profitability this season with phosphorus & calcium

Posted on Monday 15th November 2021

Help improve production & profitability this season with phosphorus & calcium


Phosphorus is one of the most important minerals in animal nutrition and is essential for energy metabolism, appetite, efficiency of feed utilisation, bone growth, and fertility. If diets are deficient in phosphorus it can severely impact production and income as it can result in poor growth rates and lower fertility. Supplementation is particularly critical in areas where the soil is low in phosphorus.
The ideal time to supplement with phosphorus is during times when pasture quality and quantity is high as livestock respond best to phosphorus supplementation when their energy and protein requirements are being met. An adequate supply of phosphorus in a form that can be absorbed by the animal to support these physiological processes is essential for optimum livestock health and production.
Calcium and phosphorus are interrelated and are the most abundant minerals in bone. Calcium is necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses, contraction of muscles, the immune system activation and has a structural role in bone and teeth. Insufficient levels of phosphorus in the diet will inhibit calcium uptake. Phosphorus levels should never exceed calcium levels.


Maximise weight gains with phosphorus supplementation

 MLA trials showed that adequate phosphorus levels resulted in steers gaining 125kg more than steers with a phosphorus deficient diet. This gain of 125kg occurred over a 5 month period. In today’s market*, that’s an increase of around $625 per head.
Cattle in this trial had unlimited access to feed with increasing levels of phosphorus being the only variation. Cattle with deficient phosphorus supplementation consumed less feed and hence did not gain their potential growth rates.

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Effect of P level on Liveweight

Source: MLA funded University of Queensland Trial 2012Source:  Update of Phosphorus project NBP537; pen study conducted by D. Poppi & S. Quigley, 13 March 2012, University of Qld


Why Choose MegaMin Phosphorus Supplements?


  • Suitable year-round supplement for livestock grazing low phosphorus soils
  • Supplies higher levels of phosphorus & calcium to assist stock grazing high oxalate pastures
  • Beneficial for breeders, weaners, maiden heifers & ewes
  • Formulated to provide key minerals vital for improved dry matter intake, energy production, bone growth, fertility & milk production
  • Contains high quality phosphorus & calcium sources along with a balance of macro & trace minerals
  • Assists with overall health & conception rates





Information Source: Ag Solutions Australia





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