Brute Pour-On for Cattle 1L

Brute Pour-On for Cattle 1L

Brute Pour-On for Cattle 1L

Brute Pour-On for Cattle 1L

Weight: 1.20 kg
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BRUTE Pour-On for cattle is a ready-to-use formulation containing permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid highly effective against Buffalo flies and cattle lice.


Pour-On for cattle can be effective against pyrethroid susceptible Buffalo fly for up to 4 weeks.  The length of residual protection against Buffalo flies will vary depending on the level of insecticide resistance within a particular area.  BRUTE Pour-On is effective against biting lice and two species of sucking lice.


  1. Ready-to-use, no dilution necessary.

  2. Easy to apply - just pour along the backline of each animal.

  3. Highly concentrated formulation allows for a low volume dose rate - a maximum of 15ml per animal.

  4. Extremely cost-effective providing economical residual protection.

  5. A low toxicity formulation with little or no risk or irritation to the skin of animals and operators.

  6. No label contraindications - can be used with other treatments and medications.

  7. Short withholding period.

  8. ONE LITRE treats 66 head at the maximum dose rate.

  9. Rainfast.  Persistence in the hair of animals enhances residual protection.

  10. Classified as a non-cyano pyrethroid.  Crossover resistance to other pyrethroids tend to be lower in this class.

  11. Can be used in conjunction with Y-TEX Insecticidal ear tags in a strategic insecticidal management program for Buffalo fly control.





  Cattle, Ready-to-Use
  Pour-On Application

  Buffalo Flies
(Haematobia irritans exigua)

  Cattle Lice, biting and
  sucking species
  (Boviola bovis, Linognathus
   vituli, Haematopinus



  1ml / 30kg body
  weight per animal up
  to 15 ml maximum
Reapply as needed but
  not more often than
  once every 21 days.


Apply with the Brute Applicator Gun

  For Buffalo Fly control:  Apply
  along the back-line, from the
  shoulders to the tail butt, when fly
  numbers exceed acceptable levels.

  For Cattle Lice control:  Apply
  along the backline, from the head
  poll down the neck and over the
  shoulders.  For optimum residual
  control, reapply after 3 weeks.


DO NOT USE on lactating or pregnant cows where milk or milk products may be used to human consumption.

DO NOT TREAT animals with this product more than 3 times in any given 12 month period.  Allow at least 21 days between treatments. More frequent use of this product is likely to result in residues above the MRL.