Agrobest Envy 1L

Agrobest Envy 1L

Agrobest Envy 1L

Manufacturer: Agrobest
Envy is a unique water emulsifiable polymer concentrate, which can be used on most trees, vegetables and flower
crops. When dry, Envy forms a semi permeable, biodegradable film, which reduces transpiration and protects
plants from climatic extremes.

Envy is a frost protectorent and anti transpirant, which can substantially reduce moisture losses by up to 50%, eliminate sun & windburn damage as well as increase frost tolerance by an additional 4 Degrees.

Envy will not impede plant growth or photosynthesis, is non-toxic, pH neutral and will biodegrade in sunlight. 


  • Excessive moisture loss. 
  • Light to medium frost. 
  • Sunburn. 
  • Salt spray & Windburn. 
  • Wilting in hot dry conditions. 
  • Transplanting losses 
  • Envy can increase frost tolerance by as much as 4°C.
  • Envy can reduce moisture losses through transpiration by up to 50%, reducing drought stresses and irrigation.
  • Envy will not impede photosynthesis and normal plant growth.
  • Envy is non-toxic, pH neutral and biodegradable.


Do NOT combine with any other pesticide or fertilizer in spray tank.


All anti-transparent spray applications must be applied for full coverage or used as a dip. Envy should not be applied during flowering as it can create a barrier to pollination. Envy should be applied 24 hours before adverse weather conditions. Apply when there is sufficient daylight time to dry, minimum 4 hours of sunlight. Foliar fertilizers and pesticides should be applied prior to an application of Envy or 2 weeks after application, as Envy may inhibit absorption of some systemic products. Avoid foliar application when ambient air temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius.

Before Use: Use only when water and air temperatures are above 5°C.

Ensure equipment is thoroughly rinsed. 

Mixing: Water must be of good quality or coagulation of Envy may occur. Wetting agent should not be necessary. Agral 600 or similar may be used if required. Avoid foaming by adding Envy to spray tank after water has been added. Spraying: Apply in high volume with small droplet size recommended, spray to run off to achieve full coverage. All surfaces must have coverage.

Clean Up: Rinse well with water immediately. Dried Envy may be removed from machinery with a diluted ammonia solution e.g. 2-5% w/v. Ensure equipment is thoroughly rinsed after use. Shelf Life: Envy may be stored, undiluted, for up to five years in a sealed container away from heat and light.

Withholding Period: Envy has no withholding period.