Equest Plus Tape 11.8g

Equest Plus Tape 11.8g

Equest Plus Tape 11.8g

Equest Plus Tape 11.8g

Active Constituents:

  • 20mg/mL Moxidectin
  • 125mg/mL Praziquantel


  • Will treat one 575kg horse
  • Broad spectrum wormer that controls
    • Tapeworm: Anoplocephala perfoliata and Paranoplocephala mamillana.
    • Large Strongyles: Strongylus vulgaris (adults, L3 and L4 arterial stages), Strongylus edentatus (adults and L4 visceral larval stages), Strongylus equinus (adults), Tridontophorus spp. (adults) including T. brevicauda, T. serratus and T. tenuicollis, Craterostomum acuticaudatum (adults)
    • Small Strongyles (adults): Cyathostomum spp. including C. catinatum and C. pateratum, Cylicostephanus spp. including C. calicatus, C. goldi, C. longibursatus and C. minutus, Cylicocyclus spp. including C. brevicapsulatus, C. elongatus, C. insigne, C. leptostomum, C. nassatus, C. radiatus, C. ashworthi and C. ultrajectinus, Cylicodontophorus bicoronatus, Coronocyclus spp. including C. coronatus, C. labiatus and C. labratus, Gyalocephalus capitatus, Parapoteriostomum mettami, Peterovinema poculatus, Poteriostomum imparidentatum, as well as benzimidazole resistant strains.
    • Pinworms: Oxyurus equi (adults and L3/L4 larval stages)
    • Ascarids: Parascaris equorum (adults and intestinal stages (L4))
    • Hairworms: Trichostrongylus axei (adults)
    • Intestinal Threadworms: Strongyloides westeri
    • Large Mouthed Stomach Worms: Habronema spp. (gastric and cutaneous (summer sore) forms)
    • Stomach Bots: Gasterophilus intestinalis (2 & 3 stage larvae), Gasterophilus nasalis (2 & 3 stage larvae)
    • Cutaneous Onchocerciasis: Onchocerca spp. (microfiliariae)

Directions for Use:

  • Do not administer the full syringe to horses under 400kg
  • Use with caution in foals and smaller breeds by carefully calibrating the dose and avoid overdosing.
  • Keep away from dogs. Excessive consumption of split material may cause toxicity.
  • When used as directed, Equest Plus Tape long activing horse wormer and boticide gel is safe in foals over 4 weeks of age, and in all breeding stock, including stallions and pregnant mares.

Equest Plus Tape is administered orally.

  Pony Light Horse Medium Horse
Age Weight (kg) Doses per syringe Weight (kg) Doses per syringe Weight (kg) Doses per syringe
3 months 60 9 125 4 155-170 3
6 months 95 6 185 3 230-265 2
Mature 200 2 400 1 500-575 1

Meat withholding period (horses):

  • Do not use Equest Plus Tape less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.