Equitec Vitamin C 750g

Equitec Vitamin C 750g

Equitec Vitamin C 750g

  • Has a role in maintaining healthy cartilage, tendons and bone
  • 100% Absorbic Acid

Vitamin C has many important roles throughout the body. Perhaps the best known is its ability to support the immune system.

It’s also an important antioxidant, helping the body to combat damaging free radicals that cause disease and ageing. It also makes other antioxidants, such as Vitamin E more effective.

Vitamin C helps the body to make collagen and other proteins that maintain healthy skin, blood vessel walls, joints, ligaments, tendons, gums, bones and teeth. It also helps wounds to heal.

Among its many other benefits, Vitamin C helps circulation, helps the body to absorb iron, helps combat stress, improves mood, and assists with energy production.


Feeding Guide: 

1 scoop = 5 g
Approximately one tea spoon (5 g) per day as required.