Mealworms Dried 283g Dine-A-Chook

Mealworms Dried 283g Dine-A-Chook

Mealworms Dried 283g Dine-A-Chook

Manufacturer: DINE-a-CHOOK

One thing is for sure, chickens love being spoilt Treats come in many forms, whether we are serving up fresh herbs from our garden beds or the grass clippings after you have finished mowing the lawn, chickens enjoy the natural foraging and of course the extra vitamins and minerals which they require to lay healthy, delicious fresh eggs.

Dine a Chook searched extensively to find a reputable supplier of these meal worms, thus ensuring that the product that we have for sale meets not only our very high expectations for quality but also that of our customers. These mealworms are raised entirely natural whole grains and vegetables.

Mealworms should be fed in moderation. Feed no more than 10 meal worms for each adult chicken per day.

Typical Analysis - Protein 53%, Fat 28%, Fiber 6%, Moisture 5%


100% natural Dried Mealworms