Petlife Baskerville Extra Large Size 5 Muzzle For Dogs

Petlife Baskerville Extra Large Size 5 Muzzle For Dogs

Petlife Baskerville Extra Large Size 5 Muzzle For Dogs

Manufacturer: Purina

Designed to combine maximum safety and comfort for the dog.

Welfare has been a focus during this product design - the dog can pant, drink and be fed treats through the muzzle

The dog can pant and drink while wearing the muzzle so it is suitable to wear while walking and exercising the dog

Muzzle design allows treats to be fed to aggressive dogs, while training and working on behaviour modification

Ergonomically designed safety strapping ensures the muzzle will always remain securely in place

  • Features two additional points of secure attachment to ensure the dog cannot remove the muzzle - a loop at the bottom of the muzzle is designed to attach to your dog's regular collar, and there is an optional adjustable over the head safety strap that connects from the front to the rear of the muzzle
  • Soft neoprene padding on the strap fittings provides extra comfort for the dog
  • The muzzle construction material is tough and durable, but also flexible and soft to touch
  • Available in a range of sizes to fit most dogs
  • Package includes a user guide

When wearing the muzzle:

  • the dog should be able to fully open mouth to a yawn– but it should be tight enough not to be slipped over the nose and off the dog’s snout
  • the sides of muzzle should not squeeze/press on dogs lips
  • the circumference of the muzzle must be larger than your dog's "nose circumference” -  recommended size is between 1-3 inches larger than your dog's nose circumference - if the muzzle is the exact same size as your dog's nose, the dog won't be able to have its mouth open to pant or drink
  • it cannot be longer than your dog's actual "nose length" - if the muzzle is longer than your dog's nose length, the muzzle will be in the dog's line of vision

Selecting A Muzzle

Measure your Dog:

  • Choose a muzzle size that will allow your dog to be able to open up their mouth inside the muzzle
  • For example:  if your dog's muzzle is 12" in circumference, you will need a Baskerville Muzzle size that is at least 13" in circumference

To measure the circumference of your dog’s nose:

  • With a tape measure, measure around the widest part of your dog’s nose
  • While measuring, place your flat finger between the measuring tape and dog's nose – this will ensure a measurement that allows enough space in the muzzle for your dog to open their mouth

To measure the length of your dog’s nose:

  • Measure from the point on your dog’s snout nearest to its face, to the tip of the dog’s nose

Baskerville Muzzle Sizes (approx.)

  • These are the dimensions of the Baskerville Muzzle - not your dog’s measurements

X Small (Size 1):

Circumference: 19cm or 7.5"

Length: 6cm or 2.25"

Small (Size 2):

Circumference: 24cm or 9.5"

Length: 7cm or 2.75"

Medium (Size 3):

Circumference: 26.5cm or 10.5"

Length: 7.5cm or 3"

Large (Size 4):

Circumference: 31cm or 12.25"

Length: 8cm or 3.25"

X Large (Size 5):

Circumference: 35.5cm or 14"

Length: 9.5cm or 3.75"

XX Large (Size 6):

Circumference: 38cm or 15"

Length: 10cm or 4"