Petlife Professional Easy Clean Undercoat Rake

Petlife Professional Easy Clean Undercoat Rake

Petlife Professional Easy Clean Undercoat Rake

Manufacturer: Purina

Pets need regular grooming to keep coats in tip-top condition.

Grooming effortlessly removes dead and loose hair and dirt.

It fluffs up and beautifies the coat, removing tangles and stimulating hair follicles, promoting hair health and regrowth. 

The Professional Undercoat Rake removes tangles, dirt, loose and moulting pet hair for a clean and shiny coat. The grooming action associated with the De-Matting Rake relaxes pets. The rake features rotating pins which work through tangles and stimulate skin and hair follicles. The rake also features an ergonomic easy-grip handle for more comfortable grooming.and added bonus the rake is also easy clean, One push of the rear button removes the hair. 

When your pet is shedding their undercoat, brushing and combing may not be enough to remove dead hair.

The purina petlife professional easy clean undercoat rake with its wider set teeth, is a specialised tool that helps detangle and loosen thick undercoat hair. With its softgrip handle design that enhances your grooming technique and reduces any excessive brushing force.

Direction for Use:

Alway start with the back legs and the bottom of your pet's back and systematically work forwards in the direction of the coat. Repeat the process until the brush glides easily through the coat. Regular grooming prevents matting and minimises uncontrolled moulting.