Bugs for Bugs Q Fly Wick - Replacement/Refill

Bugs for Bugs Q Fly Wick - Replacement/Refill

Bugs for Bugs Q Fly Wick - Replacement/Refill

Fruit Fly Wicks are supplied impregnated with a sex attractant (cue lure) and an insecticide (Maldison). They are used to replace expired wicks in our fruit fly traps. Wicks will keep for long periods in the sealed plastic packet. Once opened they are effective for three months.

Replace wicks in fruit fly traps every three months.

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  • 0.5mL Maldison*
  • 1mL (P-Acetoxyphenyl) 2 Butanone

    *An Anticholinesterase Compound


Hang trap containing Q Fly wick within foliage of the host crop plant.  Traps may be placed around the orchard perimeter to indicate source direction of flies entering orchard.  1 or 2 traps in the centre of the orchard can be used to indicate the efficiancy of the control program.

Q Fly wicks will attract male flies from up to 400m.  Trap catches will vary depending on local sources of infestation and fruit fly population dynamics at the time.  Local experience will help to determine the significance of trap catches.

  • Q fly wicks should be replaced after three months
  • Hang Q Fly traps at head height
  • Empty trap and record numbers weekly