Yates Rose Gun Advanced 750ml Ready to Use

Yates Rose Gun Advanced 750ml Ready to Use

Yates Rose Gun Advanced 750ml Ready to Use

Manufacturer: Yates

Kills insect pests and mites on contact and systemically works from within the plant to control insect pests and diseases. For use on roses and ornamentals in the home garden.



Active constituents: Imidaclorprid, Tau-fluvalinate & myclobutanil

Controls the most common rose pest & disease problems.
Highly effective combination of a low toxic synthetic pyrethoid insecticide, a systemic insecticide and a systemic broad spectrum fungicide.
The insecticide works via both contact and stomach action, and the systemic insecticide and fungicide are absorbed into the plant’s system and is translocated around the plant to control disease – works from the inside out.
Controls mites and whitefly.
Easy-to-use trigger pack – no mixing required, no measuring, no mess.
How It Works
Systemic insecticide and fungicide + contact insecticide

Directions for use

Spray foliage thoroughly, including the undersides of foliage. Start spraying when new shoots emerge in Spring, or at first sign of insects or disease. Repeat at 14 day intervals. Two spotted mites may require more frequent applications.

Roses (all types) Aphids, budworm
(Helicoverpa spp.), thrips,
two-spotted mite, whitefly,
black spot, powdery
mildew, rust.
Spray thoroughly, including undersides of foliage
when new shoots emerge in spring or at first sign of
insect pests or diseases. Repeat at 14 day intervals
if required.Two-spotted mites may require more
frequent applications. For hibiscus flower beetle,
spray buds and flowers as needed. For longtailed
mealybug, apply 3 sprays 2 weeks apart. For
psyllids, spray at first sign and then a week later. For
soft scales, spray in late spring or when small scales
are first seen. Apply 3 sprays, 2 weeks apart. For
best results spray in the morning when there is little
or no wind and little direct heat from the sun. Avoid
spraying blooms or flowers in full sun as slight petal
marking may occur.
Other ornamentals (shrubs, flowering annuals and perennials and non-bearing citrus). Aphids, azalea lace bug,
budworm (Helicoverpa
spp.), hibiscus flower
beetle, mealybugs, psyllids,
sap sucking bugs
(including bronze orange
bug), soft scale, thrips,
two-spotted mite, whitefly,
powdery mildew, rust.


Do not apply if rain is expected within 24 hours. Do not spray when shade temperatures are near 30°C or higher. Do not spray when the soil is dry and plants are suffering from moisture stress. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.