BASF Wasp FreezeŽ Insecticide 500g

BASF Wasp FreezeŽ Insecticide 500g

BASF Wasp FreezeŽ Insecticide 500g

Wasp Freeze® Insecticide is for the outdoor control of wasps in domestic, commercial and industrial areas. 

BASF Wasp-Freeze® produces a 5 second knockdown and kills wasps on contact from 5 metres away and contains no ozone-depleting substances. The active ingredients, d- allethrin and d-phenothrin, provide rapid knockdown and good residual control in the nest.

Active Consistuents:

1.3g/kg d-ALLETHRIN

1.2g/kg d-PHENOTHRIN
Weight: 0.60 kg
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Operational Benefits
This original wasp freeze formulation delivers an instant knockdown that is so quick; no stinging pheromone is released, thus reducing the chance of being stung.
BASF Wasp Freeze contains 0.13% d-allethrin and 0.12% d-phenothrin, a coarse jet with large particles optimises the amount of active ingredient delivered to the pest which further improves effectiveness against both adult wasps and grubs. 

Proven performance to knock down wasps in 5 seconds. Extensive field trials against active common and tree wasp nests have consistently shown knockdown of external wasps within five seconds and complete cessation of all activity 30 minutes after treatment, with total disruption of any defensive response.
Offering particular value for money, it comes in 500g aerosol cans and is sufficient to control multiple nests, but for convenience and peace-of-mind BASF suggests using an entire can for larger colonies.